16 July 2010

Music for Madiba

I generally don't post Spin The Globe playlists here any longer (you can always find them here), but this week is  a special case. In two days it will be Nelson Mandela's 92nd birthday, and as the World Cup party-goers continue to stream out of his country, Spin The Globe celebrated the occasion with music from all over the world demanding his release and later celebrating his nation's newfound freedom. Now South Africa has also proved that it can host a major international sports event with security and style -- a far cry from a generation ago when the country was internationally shunned for its apartheid policies.

In light of the momentous accomplishments and my own memory of meeting Mandela in Boston shortly after his release twenty years ago, it was a delight to assemble the songs for this show. Have a listen, celebrate, and bring some Mandela spirit to your life and your community.

Hour 1
Dhol Foundation  -  Colours of Punjab (theme)  -  Big Drum Small World
Hugh Masekela  -  Bring Him Back Home   -  Hope
Marianne Antonsen  -  Nelson Mandela  -  Blomster i Soweto
Johnny Clegg & Savuka  -  Asimbonanga (Mandela)  -  Third World Child
Khadja Nin  -  Mzee Mandela  -  Ya…
Daniel Waro (La Reunion)  -  Mandela  -  Bwarouz
Zulu Spear  -  Mandela  -  Welcome to the USA
The Special AKA (The Specials)  -  Free Nelson Mandela  -  The Singles Collection
Salif Keita  -  Mandela  -  Folon ... The Past
Abdullah Ibrahim & WDR Big Band Cologne  -  Mandela  -  Bombella
Hukwe Ubi Zawose  -  Nelson Mandela  -  The Art Of Hukwe Ubi Zawose
Linda Kekana  -  A Song For Madiba  -  South African Women With A Voice Chapter 2
Youssou N'dour  -  Nelson Mandela  -  Nelson Mandela (1986)

Hour 2
Brenda Fassie  -  Black President  -  Best Of
Bright Blue  -  Madiba 1990  -  Single
Ndeye Mbaye (Senegal)  -  Nelson Mandela  -  Ndaamal Daaru
Sechaba (Zambia)  -  Welele  -  Sechaba (cassette)
Vusi Mahlasela  -  When You Come Back  -  The Voice
Mahube  -  Mayibuye  -  Qhubeka!
Herbie Hancock w/ K’naan, Los Lobos & Tinariwen  -  Tamatant Tilay / Exodus  -  The Imagine Project
Brass Menazeri  -  Cocekahedron  -  Vranjski San
Djoumbush  -  Tekirdag Karsilamasi  -  Djoumbush
Santana  -  Mandela  -  Freedom
CeU  -  Concrete Jungle  -  Tribute to a Reggae Legend
Ziggy Marley  -  Africa Land  -  Wild and Free
Somi  -  Prayer to the Saint of the Brokenhearted  -  If the Rains Come First

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Anonymous said...

congratulations for your blog. There is another famous song about Mandela that is not included in this cd www.youtube.com/watch?v=umJmFG62qGk Best regards from Colombia.
A. Fernández

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks, Anon -- hadn't run across that one before!