22 July 2010

Top 10 World Music Albums, July 2010

SoundRoots/Spin The Globe Top 10 World Music Albums – July 2010
  1. Luisa Maita : Lero-Lero
  2. Playing for Change Live
  3. Gotan Project: Tango 3.0
  4. various artists: Putumayo Presents Tribute to a Reggae Legend
  5. Carmen Sousa: Protegid
  6. Rocky Dawuni: Hymns for the Rebel Soul
  7. Tony Allen: Secret Agent
  8. Etran Finatawa: Tarkat Tajje / Let’s Go!
  9. Amabutho: Sikelela
  10. Mohsen Namjoo: Oy (Dig)
Several new faces on the chart this month. Rocketing to the top is Brazilian singer Luisa Maita with an album that digs into Brazilian tradition while forging a wholly original feel. Putumayo's tribute to Bob Marley includes some bands not usually associated with reggae -- Ceu, Freshlyground, Funkadesi -- alongside artists who owe heaps to the reggae pioneer: Rocky Dawuni, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Three Plus.

Carmen Sousa's delicious blend of jazz with Cape Verdean music makes a strong showing. Rocky Dawuni makes another appearance with his own album at #6, along with fellow Africans Tony Allen at #7, Etran Finatawa at #8, and Amabutho at #9. Rounding out the list is the third album from Persian singer/musician Mohsen Namjoo, a controversial figure produced in exile after being threatened with arrest by the Iranian authorities for his controversial singing of Koranic verses.

Yep, controversy, harmony, soul, blues, reggae, and more...all wrapped up in a simple Top 10 chart. Explore and enjoy. And if you think we're missing some key new release, feel free to advocate for it in the comments.

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Raven Garcia said...

Very good Top 10 and I have heard of a few of them which makes me want to check out the ones I haven't... but I have to say:

No Kepa Junkera??

By the way I'm doing a similar article on my site at the moment, it's called "Around The World in 80 Bands" and is coming more from a heavy metal perspective and how metal has influenced other music worldwide. This week I've done Europe. Check it out!!