25 August 2010

Jammin' With Cheikh Lo

In case last week's haiku review of Cheikh Lo's new album Jamm left you wanting another bite, here it is. A free download of the title track of the dreadlocked Senegalese Sufi's first new album in five years.
Jamm means ‘peace’ in Wolof, the main language spoken in Senegal. Everybody needs peace in order to live a better life and to achieve serenity. Even if you have all the gold in the world but don’t have peace, you won’t have a life. But some people say they want peace and then they go and kill other people. Peace is also necessary in the home, between a man and his wife, in the office between workers, everywhere. It must inhabit the person. If it lived in everyone, something which would require a huge effort today, then we wouldn’t be fighting all these wars.
The song has plenty of different colours and different sources. Musically, I adopted a bit of a Songhai approach from the north of Mali in this song. The vocal, guitar and bass were from the original demo I recorded at my bass player Thierno Sarr’s small studio in Dakar. We took these demos and added percussion and trombones in a Dakar studio and Pee Wee added his sax in London. Spontaneity is what’s behind the strength of this album and all this was done very spontaneously.
JammCheikh Lo
"Jamm" (mp3)
from the album Jamm
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"It's a melting pot!" says Lo of the album. "It's like a big basket, with some cheese here, some bread there, some chocolate and a cocktail on the side. There's something for everyone."

Still, I think providing more than 41 minutes of music would have meant a richer feast for listeners. Jamm hits stores August. 30.

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