16 September 2010

Top 10 Global Albums, September 2010

  1. The Budos Band: The Budos Band III
  2. AxumAxum
  3. Vavamuffin: Mo’ Better Rootz
  4. Freshlyground: Radio Africa
  5. Luisa Maita : Lero-Lero
  6. The Kora Band: Cascades
  7. Natacha Altas: Mounqaliba
  8. various artists: The Rough Guide to Flamenco Dance
  9. Rahim Alhaj: Little Earth
  10. Systema Solar: Systema Solar
We must all be in a rambunctious mood as summer winds down -- how else to explain the prevalence of funky, danceable music on this month's chart? Several new names here from last month, so click the links, have a listen, and do a little audio exploring. Several of the CDs aren't officially out yet, so consider this something of a sneak preview.
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Music for Songwriters said...

I recognize some of the albums...some I don't know at all...I'll be sure to check them out...thanks for sharing!...