13 October 2010

Live Polka Stream!

Okay, if you got past that headline, I applaud your curiosity. Or your devotion to all things polka. In truth, I don't know if tonight's free live webstream will include much polka, but it's very possible, since one of the bands playing is no other than Brave Combo

I haven't seen a lot of bands pushing live streams of concerts, but it seems a great way to get more people (particularly those outside of the concert area) excited about their music. Brave Combo does a fair amount of touring, but I'm still interested in tuning in and seeing their show tonight live from Dan's Silverleaf in their hometown of Denton, Texas.

The show also features a band called Copper Box from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, about whom I know nothing. The show will be streamed by Denton Open Media from 8-10pm Denton time, as well as on local public access TV.
Denton Open Media is a proposed program of Texas Filmmakers to manage Denton Public Access Television. "Live From Dan's" will serve as an example of what is possible with open access to media resources and outlets. Possibly for the first time ever, Denton Open Media will showcase the best bands from North Texas live to local audiences via Denton Public Access Television and to the world
It's an innovative approach to new media, and they've chosen a great group to kick it off. I'll be tuning in.

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