04 October 2010

Monday's mp3: Trilok Gurtu

I've got a pile of new music to write about, but last week I pulled out a Trilok Gurtu album I hadn't heard in a long time, and it reminded me how much I enjoy most of his Indian fusion style.

Described by the BBC as a "serial collaborator," Gurtu has brought his Indian-rooted percussion skills to at least 21 albums since 1983. The Beat of Love was released in 2001, and features guest artists including Angelique Kidjo, Salif Keita, and Wasis Diop. This funky track features Roop Kumar and Nandini Sirkar on vocals. They're getting groovy while singing about illusion...

[mp3] Trilok Gurtu: Maya
from the album The Beat of Love

I'll admit that parts of the album get a bit cheesy - I suspect it's the slick producing that puts me off of some tracks. But there's also a lot to like here, and if you aren't familiar with his music, this is the time to start. Have a listen. And tell you what ...  I'll actually recommend the 1996 album The Glimpse over this one, if you just want one to start with.

Here's a different flavor, a video of Gurtu collaborating with Joe Zawinul:

More Trilok Gurtu:
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