20 October 2010

Speaking Up for Roots (World)

Hey there, reader. If you're a regular visitor to SoundRoots, then you are a devoted music explorer. And if that, then you have probably also discovered that RootsWorld is a great source for thoughtful reviews of all kinds of global music.

And if you're like me, you've gone a step farther and ordered some of the reviewed CDs from the sister site. cdRoots, which has an amazing array of hard-to-find titles from around the world.

Well, I just heard from Cliff Furnald, the brains and brawn behind the sites, and he's doing a little fundraising for RootsWorld. So take a minute and ask yourself if you can support another site (you have already made a modest donation to keep SoundRoots afloat, right?) that is nuts about global music. If your answer is "yes," chip in a few bucks for the cause. If you answer "no," then turn your radio to a random corporate station and suffer through what you hear there, because that's what you deserve. And that's all you'd hear, if it weren't for folks like Cliff making the world more sonically diverse.

I don't generally solicit donations for others, but Cliff has supplied me with some favorite sounds over the years, so it seems appropriate to return a little love. Give if you can. The RootsWorld donations page is here

Oh, and you can also catch up with RootsWorld on Facebook.

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