10 January 2011

Monday's mp3: Ceasefire Sudan

With the week-long referendum on the future of southern Sudan underway, we can't help be send out attention and prayers the way of this troubled nation.

Trying to unravel the complicated history and ethnicity of Sudan/Nubia/southern Egypt is far beyond my expertise or the scope of SoundRoots. Suffice to say there are resources available to curious global citizens.

What SoundRoots can contribute to this historic occasion -- the possible birth of a new African nation -- is a soundtrack. And while it seems likely that the nation will split, this seems a great opportunity to revisit an album that brings together north and south in a peaceful endeavor. Six years ago, young rapper Emmanuel Jal from Southern Sudan got together with Abdel Gadir Salim, a musical elder from the Arabic north, and together they made a groundbreaking album combining styles from north and south.

[mp3] Emmanuel Jal and Abdel Gadir Salim: Hadiya
from the album Ceasefire (Riverboat Records, 2005)

Here's wishing southern Sudan a peaceful, prosperous future.

Listen/buy CD
Abdel Gadir Salim myspace
Emmanuel Jal website
Emmanuel Jal myspace
Interview with Emmanuel Jal

You can find more Sudanese music freshly posted at the great worldservice blog.

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