09 February 2011

That's Italian!

Thought you might enjoy this video, from Andrea Parodi, an Italian singer who is new to me. I'm told he's from the northern town of Cantù, which is known not at all for its music. Something about this video I find charming; perhaps it's the combination of sweet, simple music with the gallery setting (and the folks hanging art in the background). You can read more about Parodi and hear more music at his website (in Italian) and myspace. His people were kind enough to provide me with this English translation of this song's lyrics.

I think the questions and answers
I think the sea, the ship and its route
To you girl running in the yard
like a butterfly and your wings in the sun
I feel the wind caressing the grass
Or is someone who moves from up there
Hair and kisses them on the back
And in the moon I see the face of Jesus

Ninna nanna Ninna ...
Ninna Ninna nanna to ...

Last night I lit a candle I
I'm praying for your joy and hope
And now sleep in the arms of Mary
And now sleep my sweet Constance
I pray Jesus to take away the pain
And that fishermen do not get lost in the sea
And there's nowhere to go for those who died
Jesus, I pray Thee to find

Ninna nanna Ninna ...
Ninna Ninna nanna to ...


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