24 March 2011

Afrobeat to Cook By

SoundRoots doesn't often cover food as part of its global culture beat, but not because we don't love it. Give us spicy sesame noodles, or rich homemade brownies, or creamy palak paneer, or steaming piroski, and we're happy campers.

While we like our tastes global, we like the preparation to be local and we avoid factory-processed, prepackaged foods from far away. These days it's easy to fine exotic ingredients locally, and a quick Web search provides recipes and tips that provide the starting point for new culinary adventures.

When our interest in slow, local food is bolstered by spicy music, all the better! Here's Portugal's Terrakota with a track supporting just this kind of eating. Consider it an easy-to-dance-to health PSA, or just enjoy the music.

SLOW FOOD radio edit by terrakota

This great track was recorded with Terakota offshoot KotaCool Afrobeat Orchestra, which includes members of Cool Hipnoise and Cacique 97.

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