23 March 2011

The Raghu Dixit Project in Sound & Image

A special treat for you today: the visual side of global music. Thanks to Delhi-based photographer (and musician) Shiv Ahuja for being willing to share photos of the recent "India Dekho" tour by The Raghu Dixit Project. Here's a musical track to go along with the great images:
Khidki by The Raghu Dixit Project

More on band and photographer after the slideshow:

The Raghu Dixit Project 'India Dekho' Tour - Images by Shiv Ahuja

You can see more of Shiv's work at the website www.shivahuja.com

As for The Raghu Dixit Project, Shiv reports that they're one of a number of upcoming Indian bands to watch. I first heard of them when I saw them nominated for Songlines' Newcomer of the Year award (other finalists are The Creole Choir of Cuba, Syriana, and Tamikrest). You can read more about the awards at www.songlines.co.uk/music-awards/nominees.php

And you can read more about Raghu Dixit on his website, including how he is a former Bharatnatyam dancer.
... the music that The Raghu Dixit Project makes, is a true representation of today’s India. Ethnic and rooted at the core, but at the same time, global in its outlook.
... the Bollywood-focused music industry failed to grasp his potent mix of folk, blues, rock, Sufi, funk, reggae, bhangra and Latin. ‘My sound wasn’t Bollywood and labels would try to lead me down that route. That was until I played in Zenzi in Bombay in 2007 and Bollywood composers Vishal and Shekhar spotted me.’

It was the break Raghu needed: three years on and Raghu’s self-titled album became the biggest selling non-Bollywood record in India (2009). He has also written scores for two Kannada-language (his native tongue) movies: ‘Both were cult hits, that’s what’s made me so popular in my home state. Only the eclectic crowd knew me until the song Mahadeshwara from Psycho but now a farmer in the most remote village knows that song and my name, and I can’t walk alone in Karnatka,’ he says grinning.

Mahadeshwara by The Raghu Dixit Project

Dixit is reportedly working on a new album now. Watch for it, and the group, as they break out onto the world music scene.  

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