08 March 2011

Les Nubians say: Dance with Your Hair

Pondering what to post for International Women's Day, I found just the thing. Sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart -- better known as Les Nubians -- are a pair of strong Afropean women who are great at reinventing their sound. And their hair. Their new album Nü Revolution isn't out until April 19, but a few tantalizing sounds have leaked. Just check out this hairstyle celebration in musical form:

Les Nubians - Afrodance by Giant Step NYC

Paris-born but with African and global musical styles, Les Nubians cultivate a more upbeat pop flavor on this CD. "The main difference between this album and the others," says Hélène, "is that Nü Revolution is more uptempo. This album is a celebration of life! We wanted to bring and spread this energy, this joy in a time of uncertainty."

Notable tracks include "Nü Soul Makossa" with Manu Dibango himself pitching in, and "Africa for the Future" with hot South African group Freshlyground.

Here's another taste of the album, in the form of a video featuring John Banzaï, a great hot summery blast for the last days of our Northern winter. The title translates as "Don't Let Your Dreams Fall Asleep":

Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Reves

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