28 March 2011

Monday's mp3: Obrigado, Poland!

Start with cowbells, layering in multiple rhythms. Add a drum part, and let it simmer for a couple minutes. Then, just when the listener has settled into the groove, kick in the heavy drums and let loose a full-frontal samba blast.

That's the recipe for the first track on It's Not Batucada!, a recently released album by a group called Ritmodelia. If you're yawning at the thought of yet another Brazilian rhythm troupe wait for the kicker: These guys are from Poland!

Yep, the sounds of Rio's sun and street parades are alive and well in Warsaw, where this album was recorded by the 9-member group. The album features guest appearances by Scott Ketner (Nation Beat, Maracatu New York, Forro Brass Band) and others, but this group of Poles can rip it up all on their own.

To be sure, this isn't really a sit-and-listen sort of album. The tracks are too similar for that, and besides -- the pure percussion will likely find you on your feet either dancing or playing along, whether on a table or a cowbell or a surdu.

[mp3] Ritmodelia: Mamut
from the album It's Not Batucada!

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website (with free ringtones!)

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