14 April 2011

Afropean Funk by Cacique '97

Previewing some music for tomorrow's Spin The Globe, and just totally digging this track from Mozambique/Portugal outfit Cacique '97. It's from their new Chapa 97 EP. No deep thoughts from me, just a deep enjoyment of their groove.

American Cop (f_ Nástio Mosquito)
by Cacique´97
If you haven't yet, also be sure to check out their self-titled album released a couple years ago, it's very spicy. Here's what the band sez about themselves:

The debut album, released in 2009, announced as the first afrobeat record in the lusophone countries, was rapidly embraced by national and international critics, with the highlight of Okayplayer, from the legendary The Roots. The 11th of March will be the date of the release of a new EP entitled Chapa 97.
And what is a Chapa? It is hard to believe that Mozambique does not have an effective public transportation network. The transport is secured by 12 seats Toyota vans called the Chapa! For a negotiable price, these private buses ensure several routes in the country, where in each stop the collector receives the clients payments and tries to convince others to join the ride. Cacique´s Chapa has the number 97 and invites you to take a ride on the lusophone afrobeat.

You can hear more songs from the EP at Cacique '97's Facebook page.

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