06 June 2011

Monday's mp3: Red Hot + Rio 2

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous here, has made a habit of making dramatic snoring noises whenever I play Brazilian music for her. Something about the soothing syllables of Portuguese I think, more than a lack of interest in the music itself. I think she might have a different reaction to the new double CD Red Hot + Rio 2.

The album, which hits stores on June 28, does include a serving of soft and smooth, which isn't surprising since it is billed as "a modern tribute to the late 60's Brazilian tropicalia movement. Most tracks pair Brazilian musicians (including Carlinhos Brown, Ceu, DJ Dolores, and Seu Jorge) with contemporary global artists (including Mayra Andrade, Brazilian Girls, Beck, and Beiruit).

Disc 1 (aka "Red") begins with the poppy bossa nova "Baby" by Alice Smith + Aloe Blacc. But it also includes more edgy tunes like "Aquele Abraço" by Forró In The Dark + Brazilian Girls + Angelique Kidjo, Curumin's reggae-flavored "Ela (Ticklah remix)," and a wild remix of Caetano Veloso's classic "Ilê Ale" by Superhuman Happiness + Cult called "Um Canto De Afoxé Para O Bloco Do Ilê."

Disc 2 (aka "Hot") is indeed a bit spicier, particularly when you hit songs like "Bat Macumba" by Of Montreal + Os Mutantes and the salsa-drenched "Soy Loco Por Ti, América" by Los Van Van + Carlinhos Brown, though there's not a bright distinction between the two disks. Both contain a wide variety of styles and some fascinating pairings, along with the occasional fluff (I'm looking at you, "Freak Le Boom Boom") and songs that wander around looking for some kind of musical footing ("Ogodô, Ano 2000").

No one song alone can convey the spirit of this wide-ranging release, but I'll share one that seems to get close, though it lacks international collaborative spirit. Emicida is a Sao Paulo rapper (interview), who is paired here with the open-minded Afro-Latin Orquestra Contemporânea De Olinda from Pernambuco.

[mp3] Orquestra Contemporânea De Olinda + Emicida: Roda
from Red Hot + Rio 2

And of course, as with all Red Hot projects, proceeds from this album benefit HIV/AIDS organizations -- a good enough reason to check out the CD if you have the least curiosity about contemporary Brazilian sounds. Well, retro-leaning contemporary Brazilian sounds.

listen / buy CD
Red Hot website (with free download of Beirut's song "O Leãozinho")


LeRoc said...

LOL, do you remember that I made this comment two years ago about Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda? I'm very glad to see that you featured them now, they're very good!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Hey, LeRoc -- I didn't consciously remember that, but perhaps this offering was a result of some unconscious seed you planted back then. I still don't think I've come across a full album from them, but this gives a nice flavor, yes? Tell your trombonist friend I'd like to hear more of their music...

LeRoc said...

Yes, the flavour of this song is definitely good. They brought a full album out a couple of years ago, you can find it here at Amazon. It's brilliant!

If you'd like to, I could do a guest post about OCdO on your blog with some inside information (you tried to stir us op to do guest posts here ;) I'm pretty busy at w*rk the next couple of weeks, but I may have some time in July. Just let me know.

SpinTheGlobe said...

LeRoc -
Yes, indeed -- I'm very open to guest posts. I've been trying to goad a few other great folks into contributing, but everyone is so busy. So yes, please write something and email it to me (soundrootsblog at gmail dot com) when you have a chance. Would love to hear more about them!