09 July 2011

Soundtrack for a Sunny Saturday

The sun is up and this Saturday morning is already warm and full of promise. I'm catching up on some listening before heading off to game three of a soccer tournament (record so far: 3-1 win, heartbreaking 5-4 loss). And I think I just found my soundtrack for the day. It's a sunny, tropical tune from Shareholder Tom, a project of Cologne-based Thomas Berghaus.

Mango Chow by Shareholder Tom

Hammond Organ, Steel Drum: Stefan Mohr
all other Instruments: Thomas Berghaus
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If you missed it earlier, you'll also want to check out Shareholder Tom's Afrobeat tune "Stopover Abeokuta."

More music coming soon on SoundRoots. For now, gotta get my game face on.

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