17 November 2011

Kutiman's "Thru Jerusalem"

Just found this buried in my email (Sorry, Yaeli). No, Kutiman is not a Fela imitator; he's an Israeli audio-visual artist who apparently made a name for himself mashing up found Youtube videos, using them as the raw material for building new songs. Check out his works "My Favorite Color" and "Mother of All Funk Chords."

His recent project finds him scouring not the Internets, but the city of Jerusalem for his materials. He wandered the historic city, recording musicians (asking them to play whatever they want, but in the key of D) then editing the video into a unique Kutiman mashup.

In a Wired interview, Kutiman says "I just tried to be a tourist and make the video regardless of race or religion. My only goal was to show the beauty of the city."

It's a fascinating concept, and an enthralling result, kind of a one-city version of the Playing For Change project. With, you know, more editing.

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