26 December 2011

Monday's mp3: Freak Fandango Orchestra

Honestly, how can you not like that name: Freak Fandango Orchestra?

Along with the compelling moniker came this compelling email:

We're a band from Barcelona, Spain, called The Freak Fandango Orchestra and we're just released of our 2nd EP called "Tales of a dead fish". We're playing something like: Balkan-gyspy-polka-beat and it sounds a bit like Gogol Bordello and a bit like Django Reinhardt jamming with the Sex Pistols.
That's all I know about them, though I can confirm this is an accurate description of their sound. Which could also be called a kind of violin-fueled Spanish Balkan Beat Box. Just six songs on their pay-what-you-wish EP, but watch for more from this crazy group. And their killer bat logo.

[mp3] Freak Fandango Orchestra: Balkan Beats

from the album Tales of a Dead Fish

More Freak Fandango Orchestra:
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