13 December 2011

We Have Liftoff! Er, I Mean Kickstartedness

You're the crowd, you who enjoy the weekly world music podcast of Spin The Globe. And since the show has no advertising, corporate backing, or really any other funding outside of my own pockets, I'm asking you to step up and make a donation towards the podcast hosting. Without your help, the podcast may not be available as globally; with your donation, you can assure that the music keeps playing not only for you, but for all the people planetwide who are beyond the show's FM broadcast signal.

Yes, SoundRoots' first Kickstarter campaign has begun. You'll see this graphic in the right column of the blog for the duration of the campaign, and I'd like nothing better for Christmas than to see the little green bar jump over to the far right. The first supporter just signed up at the $15 level; what is it worth to you to have 52 episodes of Spin The Globe (that's, wait ... doing the math... 104 hours of global music!) available free online over the next year? Please answer via Kickstarter. Thanks!

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