23 January 2012

Monday's mp3: Double Dragon

Happy year of the Dragon, all! Though not at all Chinese, I'm not at all reluctant to jump on the New Year bandwagon and wish you many exploding firecrackers with great music and tasty food. Any good excuse to celebrate, eh?

We could have used some dragons here in Cascadia over the last week; their fire-breathing capabilities would have made them quite desirable during our massive snow-and-ice storm. Finally a little sun and a lot of melting in the past two days have made life navigable again, and brought back the electricity that allows me to write and share music with you!

Just to throw you for a loop, our celebratory dragon songs today come not from China, but from France and South Africa. I suppose with all the Middle Ages questing, castle-storming, and sword-swinging, France is a natural hangout for dragons in search of tasty knights (crunch on the outside, gooey on the inside). But South Africa? The African stories and mythologies I've heard and read have included plenty of snakes, but I don't recall any dragons. (Well, there's this.) But that didn't stop Thomas Phale from singing about them, possibly as a restaurant offering(?).

Enjoy the tunes, and happy new year.

[mp3] Thomas Phale: Dragon Special

from the album The Kings And Queens of Township Jive: Modern Roots Of The Indestructible Beat of Soweto (Earthworks, 1990)

[mp3] Caravan Palace: Dragons

from the album Caravan Palace (Wagram, 2008)

more Caravan Palace:

And check out the great animation in this Caravan Palace video for their song "Jolie Coquine"

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