12 January 2012

Oooohh... so close!

Thanks to those of you who supported the recent Kickstarter campaign for Spin The Globe's podcasting. We didn't quite make the goal, so you get to keep your money. Or maybe spend it on another worthy cause. Or, come to think of it, you could make a donation via the Paypal link here on SoundRoots.org -- which would be greatly appreciated. (And you were willing to part with that money anyway, so you'd hardly miss it, right?

Bottom line is that it's great to see a few people willing to put up some cash for access to global music reviews, info, interviews, and sounds. There may be another Kickstarter campaign in the future, but for now the STG show archive will remain available, free as always, on Mixcloud. Leave a comment here or there with any ideas, thanks, suggestions, or complaints.

And again, thanks for being part of the SoundRoots / Spin The Globe community.

DJ Scott

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