14 September 2012

Top 10 Global CDs, September 2012

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe World Music Top 10

September 2012

  1. Andra Kouyate & Seke Chi: Saro
  2. Lo’Jo: Cinema el Mundo
  3. Andy Statman: Old Brooklyn
  4. Diabel Cissokho: Kanabory Siyama
  5. DeLeon: Tremor Fantasma
  6. Staff Benda Bilili: Bouger Le Monde!
  7. Wu Man & Master Musicians from the Silk Route: Borderlands-Music of Central Asia Vol. 10
  8. The Souljazz Orchestra: Solidarity
  9. Mounira Mitchala: Chili Houritki
  10. Fanga & Maalem Abdallah Guinea: Fangnawa Experience
Lots of new entries in this month's chart, after the Top 10 took August off due to summer distractions. Andra Kouyate & Seke Chi are one of the two holdovers, and when you hear their amazing modern-meets-traditional West African sound, it's no wonder why they're at #1. Then we've got perennial favorite Lo'Jo from France, the older but still astounding album from Andy Statman combining his love of bluegrass mandolin and klezmer clarinet into a single brilliant album. More African music from Diabel Cissokho and Staff Benda Bilili, plus something more northern from Mounira Mitchala, and from Fanga & Maalem Abdallah Guinea. The new album from Sephardic alt-rockers DeLeon at #5, some tasty traditional Central Asian tunes from Wu Man & friends at #7, and finally the big sound of The Souljazz Orchestra blasting their way onto the chart. Explore, dance, enjoy.

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