18 October 2012

Top 10 Global CDs, October 2012

Hey all - sorry for the recent silence from SoundRoots. Trying to sort out some audio hosting issues, and tackling a slew of new fall releases clamoring for my attention. But not to worry; here's this month's chart, with lots of great new music for you to explore and enjoy.

World Kora Trio - KorazonSoundRoots / Spin The Globe 
Top 10 World Music Albums – October  2012
  1. World Kora Trio: Korazon
  2. Gordon Grdina's Haram: Her Eyes Illuminate
  3. Yannick Noah: Hommage
  4. Fanga & Maalem Abdallah Guinea: Fangnawa Experience
  5. Samuel Yirga: Guzo
  6. Sarah Aroeste: Gracia
  7. La Caravan Passe: Gypsy for One Day
  8. Geomungo Factory: Metamorphosis
  9. Very Be Careful: Remember Me from the Party?
  10. Rita: My Joys
Tomorrow's Spin The Globe will feature tracks from these albums, and more. Tune in 10am-noon Pacific time at 89.3 FM or streaming live via http://www.KAOSradio.org.

 And yeah, more content coming soon.... thanks for your patience!
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