20 March 2013

Nickodemusic from Barcelona

If you're looking for some fun dance music that doesn't involve a large Korean man riding an imaginary horse, perhaps this will do it for you. 13 tracks refined by Nickodemus from raw materials mined in Barcelona -- all with at least a flirting glance at Latin/Spanish music. And, oh yeah... there's the thump-bass "Harlem Funk," not to be confused with that other recent meme, "Harlem Shake."

While much of this collection jumps the fence dividing my musical tastes from disco-derivative club music, I do enjoy DJ Vadim's remix of "Fly Away" by Novalima's Mariella and "Barcelona" (Andyloop, Toti & Maxey RMX) by the ever-entertaining Catalan group La Troba Kung-Fu.
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