03 March 2015

Daily Spin: El Naán's Iberian Roots Project

The dynamic music of Spanish group El Naán radiates as fiercely as a summer sunrise on their new album "Código de Barros" -- subtitled "An Iberian Roots Project." Sounding like a blend of Radio Tarifa with Enzo Avitabile & Bottari, the band fills their songs with strains from the Iberian Peninsula's culturally rich history, including Arabic, Celtic, and Jewish themes.

"The music of El Naán is not a fusion," says songwriter and arranger Carlos Herrero," but a musical archaeology. We have searched -- both inside the DNA of the music of this cultural crossroads and inside ourselves -- in order to create a project that is of and for today; tradition transformed into 21st century emotion." The entertaining song notes -- concerning emigration to Cuba, bread baking, water, and a Persian math whiz -- are just one more reason to check out this compelling album.

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