23 October 2015

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe

Top 10 World Music Albums

October  2015

  1. Te Vaka – Amataga
  2. Dizu Plaatjies and FriendsUbuntu-The Common String
  3. Seckou KouyateSabaru
  4. BuikaVivir Sin Miedo
  5. Novalima: Planetario
  6. Seffarine – De Fez a Jerez
  7. Terne ChaveBo Me Som Rom
  8. Bixiga 70: III
  9. Karim NagiDetour Guide
  10. Mamah KhademThe Road
Lots of new faces on this month's chart. The only two holdovers are Peru's Novalima and Brazil's Bixiga 70. Definitely check out the other newbies, including Spanish singer Buika, Portland, Oregon based Seffarine, and the genre-bending (and stereotype-destroying) album from Karim Nagi.

You can hear an episode of Spin The Globe featuring a track from each of these albums over at Mixcloud (free streaming!)

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