26 November 2015

Top 10 World Music Albums, November 2015

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe

Top 10 World Music Albums

November  2015

  1. Daktarimba – D’Afrique
  2. Ba-BoomSomos Um
  3. Bixiga 70: III
  4. Te Vaka – Amataga
  5. LuraHeranca
  6. Full Attack Band1001
  7. Dizu Plaatjies and FriendsUbuntu-The Common String
  8. Karim NagiDetour Guide
  9. Kandia KouyateRenascence
  10. Vula Viel – Good is Good
On the last Top 10 chart of the year (next month we turn to the Best of 2015), there are some new entries. Atop the chart is the wonderful German-Cameroonian group Daktarimba. Close behind are Brazilians Ba-Boom, and you'll also see new music from Cape Verde's Lura, the UK's Full Attack Band, Mali's Kandia Kouyate (in a stunning comeback album), and the fascinating UK-Ghana collaboration known as Vula Viel. Explore. Enjoy!

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