04 December 2018

Closed until further notice

Friends: It's been more than two years since I announced a "sabbatical" for SoundRoots... so I suppose it's time for an update. Life has taken my attentions in different directions. Also, there has been a distinct lack of uproar over the lack of new posts here, so I suspect that you have also found new and interesting ways of finding out about new global music. So I think it's time to announce an official end to SoundRoots.

What was once a thriving community for sharing and discussing global music and culture no longer seems urgent. The need to learn about, appreciate, and embrace various musics and cultures is more important today than ever, but I'm finding that my radio show Spin The Globe, social media, friends, concerts, and other outlets are front and center for me today.

I may return to SoundRoots some day, but for today, I'm heading off into the sunset. Keep living locally and grooving globally my friends, and farewell.

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